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Freaquer Corporation (P) LTD. delivers best-in-class supply chain solutions that help businesses grow revenue, increase profits and operate in a more efficient and sustainable way. The combined heritage, technology and knowledge capital of our people, solutions and acquired brands, including market leaders such as Brandhunk®, Metomo®, OTIfoundation®, Medagor® and IICCRD®, enable companies from around the world to transform their supply chains into a powerful competitive advantage. Throughout our more than 3-year history, more than 100 companies have chosen Freaquer to transform their supply chains. No other solutions provider offers the depth and breadth that Freaquer does. Our innovative work with these industry leaders has allowed us to gain best-practice knowledge that we have incorporated into our innovative supply chain management, merchandising and pricing solutions and services. Freaquer is committed to making businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable today and into the future. Our unique heritage, world-class customer base, financial strength and intellectual capital will ensure that Freaquer continues to serve companies of every size and across a wide range of industries including discrete and process manufacturing, wholesale distribution, third-party logistics, retail, passenger travel, cargo and freight, leisure and entertainment, hospitality and media.

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24 Hour Online support

24 Hours dedicated online support team of resources or an offshore development center with Freaquer.

Dedicated Team

Clients benefit greatly with a dedicated development team, an infrastructure dedicated to their projects, dedicated high-speed communication equipment and a completely secure environment setup, including IP protection mechanisms.

Business Consulting

business needs and technical requirements may be clearly defined and the project scope clearly understood. However, it is not a precondition that you present us well-defined and/or structured requirements. We will work with the information that is provided to us and analyze it, ask questions, offer ideas, ask more questions and formalize your thoughts in the form of functional and technical design specifications, implementation plans and methodology.

Dstributed IT Management

We use a rational approach for IT methodologies, which helps organizations in dealing with changing business needs. Our System Integration services flawlessly integrate applications across different platforms and technologies, which help in enhancing the productivity and profitability of the global clients thereby increasing their ROI.
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