FQsecure, the access control system of Security Center, our unified security platform, helps cities monitor access to municipal facilities.

Watch this short video to get a quick overview of FreaquerTM, or read how the Cities in India standardized on the FQsecureTM access control system across 53 sites with 450 doors and over 3300 cardholders. Buildings include waste and water facilities, police and fire departments, city hall, libraries, parks, recreation buildings, and more.

Centralized Control Saves Cities Time and Money

The Police department has full administrative control over all resident systems, but provides local autonomy and privileges to each independent organization.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control System with Freaquer™

  1. The Freaquer™ Cloud Link helps you leverage existing access control hardware, thereby reducing initial costs and allowing you to upgrade to newer technologies over time
  2. Choose from the latest wireless and PoE locksto minimize installation and wiring costs, or to bring hard-to-reach doors online
  3. Leverage Active Directory Integration and Global Cardholder Management to easily group cardholders and assign or change access control rights and system user privileges

IP Control System

FqSecure is the IP access control system that heightens your organization’s security and increases your readiness to respond to incidents, all while leveraging your existing network and security equipment investments. With sophisticated security functionalities and support for an ever-growing number of third-party access control devices, you can count on Synergis to make your switch to a leading IP system.

Feel Safe with Greater Access Control at the Door

Day-to-day security operations benefit from Synergis’ forward-looking approach to access control. Synergis provides efficient workflows and greater automation through its unified interface, ensuring that more time can be spent monitoring critical tasks, rather than administrating software.

Simplify Installation & Maintenance

Whether you are installing a new security system or replacing an existing one, Synergis streamlines the entire process. Edge devices such as door controllers can be quickly discovered on your network and enrolled, saving you valuable time during system deployment as you work to protect your premises.

Adapt Your Access Control System to Your Security Demands

Whether you need to secure a large, multi-site facility, or a smaller installation with a few doors, Synergis has the flexibility needed to adapt to your security environment. The system is designed to scale as your operations grow, while always providing you the freedom to choose from leading open access control hardware.

Built-in Visitor Management

Create visitor access control cards in advance, assign them to employees they are visiting, check them in and out, track their movements, and run activity reports so that you know who is in your building at all times.

Want to know more? Read our IP access control white paper to learn about the considerations and best practices for migrating to IP access control.